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rd from HE the Consul General / Rashid bin Abdulla Al Dehaimi

          “It is an honor to welcome you as you surf the website of the Consulate General of the State of Qatar in Houston, TX.  We hope that we have been able to provide sufficient information and guidance as well as the services provided by the Consulate to its Qatari citizens during their stay in Houston and to the US citizens, where Qatar and Houston maintain a strong partnership especially in the energy, education and medical fields.

          I would like to conclude by thanking the visitors of this site, and we hope that we have succeeded in addressing the needs of everyone and we welcome your opinions and comments and hope that this site will form a window where you can see the role and activities of the Consulate.”

                                                        Consul General / Rashid Al Dehaimi


Biography of HE the Consul General

The Honorable Mr. Rashid bin Abdullah Al Dehaimi is a long-time diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar. He assumed his duties as a Consul General of the State of Qatar in Houston in September 2019. Prior to his post in Houston, he held several positions, including Assistant Director of the Department of Asian Affairs and a Counselor in the Department of American Affairs.

Mr. Al Dehaimi has held the positions of Chancellor at the Embassy of the State of Qatar in London, and the positions of second secretary and first secretary at the Embassies of the State of Qatar in Russia and Cyprus.

His Honor started his career about 25 years ago at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs and the Department of European and American Affairs before he promoted in diplomatic work until he became a Consul General.

The Honorable Consul General holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. He has also participated in many conferences and seminars and has been undertaking many diplomatic missions in many countries in Asia and Europe.

Consul General Al Dehaimi is married and has two daughters and two sons.