Important advice

Consulate of the State of Qatar in Houston covers the following states: (Texas, Alabama. Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Tennessee), so we ask the Qataris living in the states mentioned earlier, to report their names on the E-Mail address HOUSTON@MOFA.GOV.QA

In case of  loss or damage of a passport the Consulate will issue  a laissez passer to replace the original lost passports. This will take between 3-5 working days to obtain the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities in Doha.



  • 1-The person concerned must attend
  • 2-Reporttothe Embassy
  • 3-(2 ) personal photos.
  • 4-Copy of birth certificate for those who do NOT have an identity card.
  • 5-£10 fees for the issuance of a laissez passer.
  • 6-Arrivingin Doha, a new passport should be issued.

The Consulate will issue a verbal note “To Whom It May Concern” to Qatari nationals to issue a replacement for the one that was lost or damaged. This requires the following:

  • 1-Report tothe embassy
  • 2-A copy of the person’s passport

For military students, please contact the Military Attaché at: 0207 409 2229

All other students, please contact the Cultural Attaché at: 0207 495 8677

Please contact the Medical Attaché at: 0207 370 6871




  • Please contact the UK national emergency line 999.

    It is free of charge and you can use a landline or a mobile line to get to the local emergency, police, ambulance or fire brigade. AT your call, you will be asked about the service you need, your name and the nature of what had happened and the number of the phone you are calling from. You can ask for an interpreter for the call. If you fall under any aggression, you MUST immediately contact the embassy on 02074930036 and ask the operator or receptionist to talk to the Consular to get the necessary help.

  • If you fall under any aggression, you MUST immediately contact the embassy on 02074930036 and ask the operator or receptionist to talk to the Consular to get the necessary help.
  • In case of arrest you are entitled to make one phone call, make sure you use it to call the Embassy to inform the Consular or the person-on-call to inform them of your full name and place, the name of the police station you are in and the reason for arrest so that Embassy will take the necessary measures.

Remember: do NOT talk with anybody nor give any statements until you have a solicitor as any statements you make can be used against you at court.

PS: In case you are summoned to attend court, you must attend court with the solicitor at the court specific time, lest you will be sentenced in absentia.


In case you are unable to contact the Embassy for any reason, all NATIONALS can contact the Qatari MOFA on the following emergency lines:

00974 40111000

00974 40111140

00974 40111104

Free line: 0080008000100

  • A valid first Instance court single status declaration (no married at the present time) of the person.
  • If the man or woman are foreigners (non-nationals), it is necessary to obtain a written consent from the Qatari Ministry of Interior that there is NO-OBJECTION for the marriage to go ahead.
The Consulate will issue a laissez passer to newly-born babies. This requires
  • 1-The baby’s birth certificate from the hospital certified (legalised) by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (The UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • 2-£10 fees for the issuance of a laissez passer.
  • 3-A copy of the father’s and mother’s passports.
  • 4-The original marriage certificate.
  • 5-In case of a foreign mother, a copy of the Qatari Interior Ministry's No- objection certificate.

Houston gets a lot of hurricane during summer season that starts on June through November; therefore we expect that Qatar citizens follow the instructions listed below in case of storm alert to stay safe. In case of city evacuation, the following procedures and actions shall be taken.

  • Sealing all, doors and windows, and preparing enough medication for two weeks.
  • Storing enough water and purchasing a battery powered radio.
  • Making sure you have enough supplies of candles, bread, canned food and batteries enough for two weeks.
  • Fueling the car’s tank and keeping some cash, avoid the credit card.
  • Store your passports and important documents in a safe place, make sure there is a land phone and cell phone chargers. One of the phones has to be fully charged.
  • Upon hearing the storm warning, stay put and don’t leave your residency unless you are requested to do so through the consulate or the state authorities.
  • You can track the weather updates through the Weather Channel or through or local channels.
  • Stay away from windows and doors during the storm.
  • For your safety, try to avoid driving in Houston until you familiarize yourselves with the road regulations and traffic laws in the state of Texas. Also please adhere to the traffic lights and the streets signs like the stop signs which on violation, could lead to a legal and financial citation.

Houston Medical Office welcomes the incoming patients and their escorts and would like to inform them that in order to get the best services, they have to provide the office, as soon as possible, with the information and the documents listed below:

  • Clear scanned copies of the patient and his escorts’ passports and tickets.
  • Address in Qatar and inside the U.S. with phone number.
  • Opening a bank account in one of the nearby banks and send the bank information.
  • Fax those documents and information to +17136236598 or +12022378393 or E-Mail
  • Apply for residency extension one month before your (I-94) expiration date.
  • Medical office shall cover the expenses for the residency extension of the patient and the official escorts.
  • Medical office shall cover the treatment expenses for the Qatari escort in case of emergencies only, and according to the doctor’s report in the emergency. The medical office doesn’t have to issue (To Whom It May Concern) letter for other than the official escort.
  • Medical office shall cover the medical treatment expenses for the patient according to the treatment instructions provided by the Supreme Health Council in Doha.
  • Take the passports of the patient and his escorts to the hospital on the first appointment.
  • In case of emergency, call 911 for an ambulance and call +18323311709 to inform the medical office at the consulate.
  • Please inform the medical office on +12022741630 in the event of replacing the official escort.
  • Please call +18323311709 or +12022741638 for more information.
  • Hospital medical office should be informed to pick up the medical report before traveling.
  • When bringing domestic helpers, please abide by rules and regulations stated by American labor law. It shouldn’t exceed 40 hours per week (an average of 8 hours daily) and two days off per week, providing that their salary shouldn’t be lower than the minimum wage stated in Texas law (7.25$ per hour).
  • Please be aware, In case of accidents, police don’t have the right to forcefully enter the house without a search warrant signed by the judge, also police don’t have the right to search a vehicle unless they suspect drugs, ammo or weapons inside the vehicle.

Required Documents:

  • Letter addressing the Consul General.
  • Original birth cert.
  • $27.00 fee.
  • Scanned copies of the original passport.
  • Scanned copies of the parents’ personal ID cards.

Required Documents:

  • Letter addressing the Consul General.
  • Two Black & white photos 2x2.
  • Scanned copy of the passport.
  • $ 15 fee.
  • Scanned copy of the personal ID card.
  • Translating the document from the Arabic Language to the English and then notarize it by a public Notary, this service is currently provided at the Consulate, and then authenticating it by the Secretary of the State as well as by the DOS in Washington.
  • $ 06.00 fee per document.

Power of Attorney:

Qatari citizens need to come to the consulate to fill out the application of power of attorney in the presence and the observation of the respective diplomat.

The following is required:

  • $ 06.00 fee.
  • Scanned copies of the Qatari passport and the personal ID card.
  • The Certificate of Origin must be signed by the (Owner/Agent) to indicate the data are correct and valid and that these are products of the USA.
  • The Certificate must be registered at the Notary Public.
  • The Certificate must be signed by the local State Chamber of Commerce to indicate the data are correct and valid and that these are products of the USA and be sealed by the Chamber of Commerce seal.
  • Must be legalized by the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (please check their website for Legalization procedures)
  • We only legalize original documents.
  • Please make sure that your name and address appear on both the sender and the recipient fields of the prepaid airway bill (FedEx or UPS only)
  • Money order payable to the Consulate General of the State of Qatar and drawn from a U.S. bank in U.S. currency according to the following chart:

Type of Document

Range of total value of Invoice

Required Legalization fees in US $

From $

To $

Commercial Invoice



$ 28.00



$ 55.00



$ 138.00



$ 248.00



$ 358.00



$ 495.00



$ 605.00



$ 825.00

274,726.00 or more

0.4% of total invoice value rounded up to the next dollar (Higher)

Certificate of Origin

$ 42.00

Bill of Lading/ Manifest

$ 42.00

Commercial Contracts

$ 28.00

Other Commercial Documents

$ 6.00

Packing List

$ 42.00

Good behavior certificate is only available for those who live in the state of Qatar, and trying to prove the quality of their careers and that they are free from acts which are accountable by law. Please note, not to  confuse this with the police report just issued by the Canadian authorities or the American applicants who want to travel to Qatar for work.   

  • Good behavior certificate needs 6 to 8 weeks, some other times a little more time.
  • Fingerprint is obligatory from the police department.
  • Sealed from the notary of the notary of the county or the city.
  • An authentication from the representative of the state or the province.
  • An authentication from the ratification department of the US state department in Washington (Phone: + 1-202-647-5002)
  • A book entitled to the consulate explaining the purpose of good behavior certificate. Please specify the period of time that you spent in Qatar, place of work, and the sponsor.
  • Two copies of the page that contains the residency stamp in the passport, and two copies from the new passport if available.
  • Four colored passport photos 2*2.
  • A prepaid mail check valued for 6$ for each document payable for the Qatari consulate in US currency from an American bank.
  • An amount of 9$ in cash is required to issue a certificate in Qatar.
  • Please provide us with three extra copies for each original sent document.
  • Please make sure that the name and full address are visible in the sender and recipient field from the reached prepaidair freight (not the normal mail)
  • Provide us with your personal E-mail for following-up.

Below are the documentary requirements subscribers must meet when shipping to Qatar.

Facsimile signatures are not permitted on any document.

Air cargo shipments require air waybills (in place of bills of lading) with the number of copies issued based on requirements of the importer and of the airline used.

Certification & Legalization: In all instances, at least one copy each of the commercial invoice, certificate of origin, insurance certificate, steamship certificate and bill of lading or airway bill must be legalized. Such fees are to be paid by money order or certified check.

The following procedures must be followed in order to obtain legalization:

  • The Consulate will retain two copies of each commercial invoice, certificate of origin, steamship certificate and insurance certificate for their files.
  • Each copy of the certificate of origin must be attached to a copy of the commercial invoice.
  • Before being presented to the Qatar consulate for legalization, documents must first be certified by an approved chamber of commerce.
  • The invoice is to be certified as to current export market prices and country of origin by the chamber (the notarized file copy retained by the chamber is to bear the statement: I (name, title, name of company), hereby swear that the prices stated in this invoice are current export market prices and that the origin of the goods described herein is the United States of America, and I assume full responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors therein).
  • Before being mailed or delivered to the Qatar Consulate, all shipping documents must be placed in the following order:

     (a) Shipper’s document must be stapled together and marked Return to Shipper

     (b) Consulate’s copies must be stapled together and marked ?Consulate’s Copies?

  • (c) When documents are to be returned by mail, a self-addressed stamped envelope must accompany documents.

  • Certification of Documents: When commercial invoices and/or certificates of origin are presented to the consular Section at the Embassy, Washington, DC for legalization, they will likely be refused unless first certified by one of the following approved National US-Arab Chambers of Commerce:
  • Commercial Invoices (usually issued in quadruplicate, the importer will advise how many copies are actually required on a particular shipment) must be genuine, prepared on letterhead of actual seller, all copies be duly signed by an authorized person, stating that the invoice is true and correct , and all copies must contain at the least the following data- name and address of supplier and consignee, quantity , weights, marks and numbers, origin of goods, an accurate description of the goods, and the value thereof, discounts or rebates, itemizing all expenses, or otherwise , name of steamer and date of sailing (it is important that these two points covering steamers appear on all copies of invoice). If shipment is insured by the buyer shipper must note this fact on the invoice. The invoice should also contain a statement that the products being shipped are of U.S. origin and that they are manufactured in the United State. If the products contain any foreign components then- besides the full name and address of U.S. manufacturer the full names and addresses or all the manufactures involved must be given. (See above regarding certification and legalization requirements).

Pro-Forma Invoice: The Director of the State Purchases Department of Qatar Ministry of Finance and Petroleum Affairs has stipulate the pro-forma invoices submitted to the government must conform to the following requirements:

(1) the pro-forma invoice must be original.

 (2) It must be stamped and signed by the supplying company/exporter.

 (3) The exporting company’s pro-forma invoice is to give the same serial numbers of the items shown in the governments order sheet.

(4) The pro-forma invoice must indicate the delivery period and validity of the quotations. Besides being required for all government/tenders, it is also recommended that it be issued in all other cases as it facilitates establishment of letters of credit.

Bills of Lading: no special requirements. Generally speaking freight charges should be prepaid.

Packing list: Not mandatory; however, use of a packing list will facilitate customs clearance of goods.

Certificate of Origin: Certificates of origin (usually issued in quadruplicate; the importer will advise how many copies are actually required on a particular shipment) on general form, as sold by commercial stationers, must contain, as well as the usual particulars for this type of document, the name of vessel and date of sailing, as well as a statement that the products being shipped are of U.S. origin and that they are manufactured in the United States. If the products contain any foreign components, then-besides the full name and address of U.S. manufacturer-the full names and addresses of all the manufacturers involved must be given. Shippers must also make a notarized statement certifying that it is true and correct. (See above regarding certification and legalization requirements).

Insurance Certificate: Must be presented to consulate in (minimum) one original and one copy. The original will be returned to shipper and the copy retained by the consulate for its files. If insurance is purchased locally in Qatar by the importer then this fact must always be noted on the commercial invoice. (See above regarding certification and legalization).

Steamship Certificate: Must be presented to Consulate in (minimum) one original and one copy the original will be turned to the shipper and the copy retained by the Consulate for its files. (See above regarding certification and legalization). Steamship or air-line certificate is not required if carrier is owned by Arabian government or company.

Import License: All importers must hold a general license authorizing import transactions. Importers of foodstuffs should have an import license, which is issued only to Qatari nationals by the Government.

Nationals of the following countries can apply for an entry visa upon arrival to Qatar or at the Consulate: 

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Monaco, Poland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Turkey, Vatican

Nationals of other countries, and who are green card holders, can apply for a visa by contacting the Ministry of Interior in Doha, through a relative or a friend. You need to send them copies of your passport and green card. This process takes from three to five business days.

Requirements to apply for a visa:

· The Consulate does not offer any express or expedited services.

· Submitting passports must be between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

· Submit a completed application form. The application must be typed or printed clearly.

· Each application must be accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee (Cashier’s check or Money Order, payable to Consulate of the state of Qatar. One Cashier’s check or Money Order is required per application; please do not include one payment for 2 or more applications.


Fees are charged per Passport and must be withdrawn in US currency from a US ba nk.


The single and multiple visa type and fees are listed below:

Fees of Single Entry Visas

Type of Visa

Duration of Stay

Processing Fees


One Month



One Month

$ 55.00


One Month

$ 28.00

Joint Visa Qatar and Sultanate of Oman

One Month

$ 28.00

Fees of Multiple Entry Visas

Type of visa


Valid for

Processing Fees



1 Year




1 Year

$ 161.00



1 Year


· A visa applicant must submit a valid passport with his/her application. The passport must be valid for at least six months longer than the applicant’s intended stay in the State of Qatar and must have available pages to place a visa.

· Each application must have 2 color passport-size photographs (2″ x 2″)

· The original Passport and 2 additional photocopies of the first couple of pages (with name and photo).

· Please include a company letter (for Business Visa) or an invitation letter (for Tourist Visa) explaining the reason for the entry visa request (individual letter per applicant).

· Each application sent by mail must be accompanied by a Prepaid return envelope. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS APPEAR ON BOTH THE SENDER AND RECIPIENT FIELDS. (FedEx or UPS only).

· All Military personnel, Diplomatic, or Official passport holders applying for a Visa must submit 2 copies of an official request from the US Department of State or the concerned government authorities. Another letter is required from the company where the applicant will work for during his/her trip (i.e. subcontractors for US Government projects).

· All passports do not require a visa to Qatar if connecting to other flights by transit.

Residents of GCC countries:

Copy of the GCC stay permit valid for at least 6 months.
The visa is applicable for persons in specific professions.

Accompanying GCC Nationals Copy of the GCC stay permit valid for at least 6 months. Visa is limited to persons under the personal sponsorship of the respective GCC national.  Applicable for the nationals of some countries and its holder is allowed to enter any country directly and is free to stay or move to another country before the expiry of the stay period